We are a couple of mediocre riders who grew up on the Ice Coast and really love snowboarding! While riding in Japan (yeah, it was awesome) we began tossing ideas around for a facemask and came up with what we believe to be a great product for the snowboarding community.

Since we think about snowboarding so much both on and off the slopes, we figured we would make all that daydreaming productive and do our best to break into the industry.


Ever sit on a chair lift and start bitching about a particular product? Or better yet, come up with ways to improve on your own gear? We figure every snowboarder must've done so at one point or another, and that's exactly how Ride Qi started.

Ride Qi was formed to harvest the collective wisdom of its consumers: the riders themselves. By tapping into the experience and expertise of the snowboarding community, Ride Qi aims to design and deliver products by riders for riders.


Aside from this site and the Get Satisfaction page that we set up for feedback and ideas for future products, you can find us on Twitter and Facebook! Jonlin and his crew usually ride in Stratton but he's out in France right now. Darren considers Killington (like the new site, not the new logo) his home mountain so if you ever see him riding around with his stickered-up helmet stop him and say hello!